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Hairy Everywherey | A Tale From the Crib

I feel like this post’s introduction needs an explanation of the title “Hairy Everywherey”.   Yes, I know “everywherey” is not a “real” word but when my then five year old said it in a backseat car argument a few years ago it stuck.   Just bare with me for a few minutes…I’ll get to the point and explain why I now have a new personal project that has made me revisit old photos and has me selecting new ones to tell a hairy story.  “Everywherey” is a common word in my household and even though it originated from an angry five year old it makes our whole family laugh.   Having a five year old and an eight year old arguing in the backseat will almost guarantee tears between the two every.single.time…except for this rare fight I’m writing about where they burst out laughing.  Here is how it went down.

Aubri:  Carlie, your face is hairy
Carlie:  well, your arms are hairy
Mom(being ignored):  Girls, we should not be talking about each others hair.  It’s rude and you need to be quiet.
Aubri: your legs are hairy
Carlie: YOUR legs are hairy
Mom:  GIRLS!!
Aubri: your hairy everywherey
Carlie:  did you just say hairy everywherey (laughing)

Yes, Aubri…my very funny, witty daughter is the girlie who created the word “everywherey” and when she paired it with hairy I knew from the moment that I would be using that for a personal photography project one day…and that day (or rather year) is now.  If you are visiting my photography blog you probably already know how big my passion is for capturing everyday life.  Even though I still haven’t quite figured out if I’m doing it form my girlies or for my hubby and I…one day someone will (hopefully) cherish the everyday photos I take.  While capturing my everyday life I have also become obsessed with photographing my little girlies hair (ha, see below) so this year I’m starting a fresh project that is certain to make a great coffee table book or wall gallery (but let’s face it, my house is already a shrine of my kiddos).   Of course I’m not quite ready to share a lot of the hairy images I’ve captured this year because….well, I’m busy with the girls and work and they are still sitting on my computer!!! But I was able to take 15 minutes to write this post filled with grammatical errors and misspellings during the babies afternoon nap today and snag a few images from the past few years (yay, for having an organized backup system).


PS:  This post was written and shared with Dropcam after I was asked to write a story for their “Tale From the Crib” campaign.   I wish I would have heard about dropcam sooner….I think having a cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring service with free live streaming would have been awesome!!  I’m thinking it might be the investment to make especially as the girls get older…does that make me a helicopter mom?!  haha




What started out as a fight between my two oldest daughters ended up being the name of a personal project I’m working on.