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It’s My Party | Lincoln turns one

It’s so hard to believe that Lincoln’s first birthday has already come and gone.   This past year has been fun, exhausting and just down right crazy…I think we are all looking forward to the days when little miss finally sleeps through the night!!  We really have enjoyed every second of our first year of being a family of five and our first year with Lincoln.  It’s so much fun having three girls in the house and although quiet time is few and far between it’s not so bad of a trade off!

First birthdays are always my favorite because I usually get to plan them without any screaming, crying or demands from the little 🙂 It was so much fun to have Carlie and Aubri helping me this year. We crafted, planned and decorated Lincoln’s party and  I’m so proud of the girls for being so extremely helpful and for actually being excited to help.  Lincoln’s birthday dinner was made gorgeous thanks to Poppies Design Studio (Becky).  That girl is insanely talented and I almost cried when I saw the centerpiece she made for Lincoln’s party.   It was absolutely perfect and looked phenomenal next to her cake (from It’s a Piece of Cake)!!  I always aim to keep our birthday parties on the smaller side with the first birthday being the largest gathering we host….lets just say I’m no party planner!!   With that being said, I’m looking forward to the parties that come with dinner and an activity of the birthday girls’ choice!!  The entire week leading up to Lincoln’s birthday was filled with errands and crafts and well…I’m looking forward to not having a two page to-do list for every birthday!

I also wanted to give a huge thanks to my bestie Amanda for coming and taking photos during Lincoln’s party.  It’s always nice to pass that job along to someone you know will do a fabulous job, especially when it comes to eating cake for the first time!!! And speaking of photos!!  Lincoln was a complete stinker when we tried doing her one year portraits.  What started as a group effort  (outdoors) ended with it being just me and Lincoln hanging out on our bed after her nap one afternoon.  Those of course turned out to be my favorite (I don’t even know why I still try with the other) and she did end up letting me throw a headband on her for a few minutes (monroe and harlow makes the best headbands btw).

I’m so sad it’s over but looking forward to another year!!