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Yan Yan Yan Fam Fam Fam | St. Louis photography workshop | personal

I attended my very first (full blown/official) photography workshop this past weekend and it was, seriously, such a great experience.  I’ve been following Yan for quite a few years and from the first time I visited her blog/website I instantly fell in love.  I’m such a photography snob but her photographs are truly jaw dropping different…so different than anything I had ever seen.   When she started offering workshops I knew it was a fast chance I would ever be able to travel to her to attend one.  When she announced her traveling workshop last year and I saw she was coming to St. Louis…it was really a no brainer to sign up!

Working from home and owning your own business can become so lonely…I mean unless you have a bestie in the industry no one truly knows what/how/when or the up and down roller coaster that often exists.  With that being said…owning your own business is truly liberating.  If you don’t like something you can change it…no if’s/and’s/but’s about it.  THAT is what I love about owning my own business.  I can beat to my own drum whenever I want and no one can make me do it different.

I feel like I’ve been on this journey for quite a few years and about every six months or so I still question my decision to change the career I once had.  Changing your mindset is hard…changing your career is even harder!!  I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting since having my third baby (why does more responsibility always make you question yourself?!?!)  and I can honestly say that I do feel like I’m on the right path…doing what I’m suppose to do.  That doesn’t mean it’s been a perfect journey or even easy but it has been the perfect one for me.

I learned so much about myself and my “why”….why I photograph the way I do…why my favorite photographs continue to be the quirky, unnoticed, subtle emotion filled images.  This is completely cheesy but I realized that my true passion isn’t photography…it’s relationships and connection. I’m a total people watcher and am always intriqued by the relationships and the dynamics that other people/families have….no matter how uncomfortable they are or make me feel.  I just get to use my camera as my way to tell their story..whatever that may be!

I was really surprised by how personable the whole Yan experience was for me.  The group was small and I enjoyed getting to know the other women just as much as I enjoyed getting to know Yan.  She’s a phenomenal listener and people reader and teacher.  Lifestyle photography has always been my jam and  I’m even more excited to take what I learned (mostly about myself) and truly take it to the next level with the subtle things I’ve have been including/playing with all along.